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Khados, our kennel club affix was registered in 1981 and applied to our family of Afghan Hounds, the Tibetan Terriers joined us in 1990

Our first champion Shanshu Casa Biere from Khados
with her children born 1991 which was our very first litter

Cassie was born in 1983 and gained her title in 1988, she is pictured with three of her offspring from her only litter born April 1991, on the left is Khados Angel Of Music (Angel), centre is Khados The Chorus Girl (Daisy) and on the right Khados Opera Ghost (Eric), see below why these pups thought they had two Mums.

1990 was the year our first Tibetan Terrier came along, Toots (Araki Tzara) was not meant to be here permanently we were just looking after her for a friend but after her first hour in the house, it was decided that she was not going anywhere else, we loved her, the Afghans loved her and so the Khados Tibetan Terriers began.

The breed description said many engaging way, these soon became apparant and the delights of having a smaller dog around the house were many.  Toots decided the showring was not for her, indeed even walking on a lead was not in her plans, she attended many an Afghan show though, always perched in her very own place, on top of the show bag on the back seat of the car.

Araki Tzara - Toots
at twelve weeks old
Our first Tibetan Terrier

Toots all grown up

What a girl,  in 1991 when Toots was little over a year old herself, one of our afghans (Champion Shanshu Casa Biere from Khados) fell ill nursing her litter of five week old pups, we took over the feeding and dear old Toots stepped in to take over all other maternal duties, even though the pups were growing daily and were actually bigger than her!  We kept three of those pups, Eric, Angel and Daisy and although sadly no longer with us, they regarded Toots as their Mom right to the end, big as they were, she could fix any of them (indeed any of our dogs) with just a look. 

Clearly cut out for motherhood, we decided let Toots have a litter of her own and in 1992 she was bred with Champion Araki Hank The Yank, producing four puppies one of whom we retained, he became the first Tibetan Terrier that we showed , Khados Kentucky George, he quickly gained his Junior Warrant, several reserve challenge certificates and became our first TT Champion in 1996.  The following year we repeated the mating and sent a promising young male to Germany to Anke Peine of the Von Numa Schu kennels, he was to become the multi titled Champion Khados Union Jack and has gone on to produce several of his own champions.  A third mating for Toots took us to the Alilah Kennels of Pat and Mike Tempest where the chosen male was  Champion Alilah Frankie this delighted us with a black female who was to become our second Champion, Khados Long Tall Sally, also a Junior Warrant winner, she went on to be the Top Winning Tibetan Terrier in 1996 and Top Brood Bitch in 2001
Sadly Toots left us to go back to her maker in October 2003, she left a legacy of wonderful memories and some beautiful children and grandchildren that were to go on to form the Khados Kennels as we know them now, her lovely character and personality will live on in them - thank you Toots for all you taught us.
To see more of these lovely little people click on the link below 

The Khados Tibetan Terriers

Our main achievements in the Show World of Tibetan Terriers

TOP TIBETAN TERRIER PUPPY 1995  Khados Diamond Delbert
TOP TIBETAN TERRIER 1996 Champion Khados Long Tall Sally
TOP TIBETAN TERRIER PUPPY 1998 Khados Boris The Bold
TOP BROOD BITCH 1999 Champion Khados Long Tall Sally
TOP BROOD BITCH 2000 Cederaire Posh Prudence by Khados
Seven homebred Champions
Champion Khados Kentucky George
Champion Khados Long Tall Sally
Champion Khados Diamond Delbert
Champion Khados Boris The Bold (JW)
Champion Khados Dizzy Doris (JW)
Champion Khados Howz' That ShCM
Champion/International/IKC/NED Ch Khados Pink Passion World Show Winner 2012
and imported from Holland
Champion Sumanshu Hotter N'Hot at Khados (JW) ShCM IKC Jun Ch

the above awards won by ourselves, with our own dogs and just one handler
Champion Khados Danny Boy (owned by Mr, Mrs and Miss Daniels)
and overseas
Champion Khados Union Jack (Germany)
Champion Khados Beau Brummell (Australia)
Champion Khados Look At Me (Sweden)
Champion Khados In The  Limelight (Norway)
Champion Khados Purple Emporer (Germany)
Champion Khados Dance With Ti La Shu (Germany)

Champion Khados Long Tall Sally
Top Tibeten Terrier 1996

to view our Champions, click here

Unfortunately 2001 saw a change in circumstances and due to health reasons and business committments, we no longer competed to the same degree on the main show circuit. After a couple of years away from it all, in 2005, we started taking part again and slowly the sucesses returned:-

2010 Champion Khados Howz'That Shcm
2011 Champion Khados Pink Passion, World Winner 2012 
2012 Champion Sumanshu Hotter N 'Hot at Khados (JW) ShCm IKC Jun Ch (imp Ned)

we have now bred fourteen Tibetan Terrier champions in total and many other Khados dogs have won  Reserve CCs and CCs in  both  UK and overseas and many have gained Junior Warrants and Show Certificates of Merit.

In 2009 we  discovered the fun of showing overseas and took part in competition in Holland and Ireland, now we are addicted to this in fact in 2010 we competed more times in Ireland than in England, usually combining this with a few days at the beach with half a dozen or so of the TTs.   2012 has seen a new ambition achieved as we travelled to Austria to take part in the prestigious World Dog Show in Saltzburg and came away with a World Winners title.

It followed after our visit to Holland that we decided to import some new blood and in 2011 our new Dutch boy arrived....... and so the story goes on ......... follow our adventures on our journal pages.

Visitors are always welcome to come along and meet our dearly beloved dogs and chat TT - just give us a call

Dave and Cheryl Johnson, Khados Kennels, Alcester Road, Portway, Birmingham B48 7HZ   tel 01564 822260 email

ps. Cheryl is a Kennel Club/Breed Club approved Championship Show Judge of    Afghan Hounds and Tibetan Terriers

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