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Links and acknowledgements

Please click on names below for direct access to Khados related sites and other Tibetan Terrier friends
in alphebetical order of course:-

Cloudbuster Tibetan Terriers, Cheshire, UK, Antonio Skabollous and Gary Faulkener

Hikoman Kennel, Norway, Marit Engelstad

Incalux Tibetan Terriers, Kent UK, Barbara Stringer

Kennel Lokattens, Sweden, Mirielle Pousard

Khados Purple Emporer, German Champion, homepage of Hildegard Stephan, Germany

Lhazhal Tibetansk Terrier, Norway, Siri Wangen

Littlepeople Tibetan Terriers, Wales, UK, Chris and John Hadley

Luktu Tibetan Terriers, Oxfordfordshire,UK, Jane and Peter Heritage

Merrifern Tibetan Terriers, Leeds, UK, Sue Wood and Mary Smith

Mikudi Tibetan Terriers, Co Down, Northern Ireland, Mike and Judi Tempest

Mo-Shu Tibetan Terriers, Germany, Beatrix Rose

Nefertari Tibetan Terriers, Kent, UK, Rosemary and Caroline Johnson

Renvall Tibetan Terriers, Birmingham, UK, Aimee and Val Vernall

Rogell Tibetan Terriers, Norway, Ellen Lind

Samsara Jina Tibetan Terriers, Belgium, Monique Verreyat and Niels Chabot

Sem Zangbo's Kennel, Norway, Christin Haldorsen

Sumanshu Tibetan Terriers, Netherlands, Petra and Will Keulers

Ti La Shu Tibetan Terriers, Germany, Sabine and Katja Rauhut

Tibet Terrier Von Ynaya, Switzerland, Monika Guillot

Tibetan Terrier site of Regina Heinen, Germany

Togepi Tibetan Terriers,Blackpool,Lancashire UK Adam Ashby

Tsan-Damasa Tibet Terrier, Hungary, Baranyai Marianna

Von Numa-Schu Kennels,Germany,Anke and Franz Peine

Wharlie Tibetan Terriers,West Midlands, UK, Judith, Glyn and Julie Davis

Yantiora Tibetan Terriers, Worcestershire, UK, Roy and Anita Miles

Yulia Tibetan Terriers, Glossop, UK, Linda and Nicola Hall

Whilst most of the photos on this site are my own work, the good ones have been taken by the professionals, my thanks to Adam Ashby, Glyn Davis,Carol Ann Johnson,David Paton, Siri Wangen and Trixi Rose for their inclusion.
Thanks also to all the owners who have allowed us to use photos of their tibetan terriers and include them on this site.
Especial thanks to all owners of Khados tibetan terriers for loving and caring for them, we hope you have many happy years together.

Other useful web sites

THE KENNEL CLUB, the first port of call in all canine matters

Useful Reading
Tibetan Terrier. by Juliette Cunliffe
published by Pet Love isbn 1-903098-64-5
an interesting, colourful  book covering the history of the breed and all aspects of care and training, plenty of illustations, many of them photograped here at the Khados Kennels.

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