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We Are Family

A group of our tibetan terriers enjoying the sunshine with one of our afghan hounds, Daisy (Khados The Chorus Girl)
the TTs are Toots, Prudence, Sally and Delbert,
photo taken 1995

it was 2002 when I had my first digi cam
George (10) and Doris (5) were happy to be the first to pose

IT whizz kid
George was about ten before he completely mastered the computer

it was also about this time .......
...........he took to wearing bandanas

On top of the World (well the garden bench anyway)
Champion Kentucky George celebrates his fifteenth birthday

one year and two cameras later
George (16) and Doris (11) still happy to pose in the same spot

Delbert in casual dress
photo taken 1997

and ten years later in his best clothes
at the TT World Congress in 2007

All of our geese cannot be swans as the saying goes, the following include  our TT family that are not featured on the champion's page, they are still just as precious to us even though they don't wear a crown!


A black/tan bitch born 02/06/93, sired by Champion Khados Kentucky George, Prudence had a prolific puppy and junior career, gaining her junior warrant in under two months.  Unfortunately a mishap with some HRT tablets (mine not hers) put paid to her beautiful coat, so at eighteen months old, she came out of the ring and waited for her hormones to settle, this took quite a while.  In 1996 she had  her first litter to Khados Banjo Bill which produced Champion Khados Danny Boy and CC winners, Khados Gottabe Guinness and Khados Lucy Limelite.  She returned to the ring for a short period to introduce these babies and gained 1CC and 1RCC herself.  However, clearly not too fond of showing she went back to maternal duties which she really seemed to enjoy. Bred to Champion Nefertari Black Ty'N Tails of Willowbrae, she produced RCC winners Khados Just Jake for Regenka and Khados Black Beryl of Leashkhan and a final litter to our own Champion Khados Boris The Bold (JW) produced the Australian Champion Khados Beau Brummell.  She also has RCC winning grandchildren Khados Comin'Up Roses and Khados Mad About The Boy for Regenka.  Prudence was Top Brood Bitch in 2000.  Eyes tested clear, hip score 9/7

Prudence - September 1997

Khados Scarlet Ribbons, a repeat mating of the successful Boris/Doris litter (Johnnie Boy Khados x Champion Khados Long Tall Sally) and born two years later to the very day on 17/10/99.  Scarlet is a beautiful red/sable bitch of a sweet and loving disposition.  Determination is a breed characteristic and Scarlet is determined not to be a show girl, lovely as she is, she thoroughly enjoys an outing to the shows, will stand beautifully, is square, sound and has a wonderful coat which she never sheds, however please don't ask her to go into the ring as she detests the lime light and we wouldn't want her to be unhappy.  Eye tested clear, hip score 5/4 and a bronze KC good citizen.  PLL DNA result on record.  CCL result pending from USA


Scarlet is the dam of Championship show winners  Khados Dublin Quest (x Khados Gottabe Guinness) and Khados All Tha Jazz
(x Khados Howz' That ShCM)

six months old

Crufts Time Fankie
at fifteen months

and not so well groomed
two year old Frankie on a "bad hair day"

Frankie is the "village idiot" this most lovable black/white male was born on 29/11/01 and is sired by Nefertari Tasmanian Devil (JW) x Khados Lucy Limelite of Tibtod, a huge coat and equally huge personality, he spent most of his puppy career learning how to behave in the showring, finally getting the hang of things at eleven months, he became a Best Puppy In Show and Best In Show winner and quickly gained his Junior Warrant and Show Certificate of Merit.  We've never tried good citizens or obedience with Frank, we just somehow don't think he would get it!  He has produced some lovely championship show winning puppies, amongst them our own FiFi, Patches, Enya and his UKChampion son Howard who thankfully appear to be a little more intelligent but still have his super nature.  Frankie also has champion offspring overseas. Eyes tested clear, hip score 3/5 - Frankie is tested CCL clear (Hannover and USA) PLL DNA result on record.

Frankie says RELAX

Frank with his best mate Boris
the day after the storms

Photographed on an extremely windy day, this was the day after a freak hurricane force wind had come from nowhere and completely lifted all the roofing off the kennel runs, fortunately all the dogs were inside when it happened.

sharing a joke
Frankie and his son Travis

Khados Fifi La Femme at eight months
all ready for her first show where she won Best Puppy In Show

Khados Fifi La Femme, daughter of Khados Funtime Frankie (JW) ShCM and Champion Khados Dizzy Doris (JW) a black/white bitch (which is something we have always wanted) born 21/07/04  This litter was born right in the middle of all the drama of Dave's hospital stays last summer, in fact the paramedics wanted to buy all the pups there and then, never mind getting Dave into the ambulance! It goes without saying therefore that these pups became extra special to us and they seem to have developed a natural patience and understanding around people that are not feeling to good.  Obviously there was little time left over to dedicate to a show career for FiFi but she did come out at the TTA Spring Open Show, accompanied by her Grandma Sally and won Best Puppy In Show.  FiFi, delighted us  by being  a perfect mother to  six babies lovely babies by the ever handsome Champion Nefertari Black Ty'N Tails of Willowbrea, one of whom, Tin-Ley, has gone to live in Germany with Hillegard Stephan and has gained his German Champion title, also from the same litter Percy has a reserve CC and Ronnie gained a reseve CC from junior before leaving for a life in Sweden, where he has gained his first CAC.  Percy has also made his mark with his KC Good Citizens passes.  Fifi now has a new baby daughter from Neil, the lovable PomPom, who before she was 12 months old gained a reserve Green Star in Ireland and less than a week later, Best Puppy In Breed, Best Puppy In Group and Reserve Best Puppy In Show at the National Championship Dog Show.
Khados Fifi La Femme, eyes tested clear, hip score 6/7, CCL tested clear via Hannover linkage test and verified hereditary clear by parents tested in USA.  PLL DNA test on record.

seventeen months old

Fifi and the Flower Tops
a grown up Fifi

Posh Fifi at a show

Fifi coming 2nd at Crufts
but she does not really like showing so nowadays she stays at home

Fifi's havin' a laugh
she's warm and dry indoors

while her brother Howard is outside in the snow
"Mommy it's cold outside"

Fifi and Howard
June 2005

She didn't mean it really, Fifi was pleased to be reunited with her brother.
Howard, was returned to us at the end of May 2005 (see, we did have some good luck that year) a handsome black, we had to await the regrowth of his coat which had been clipped off by the previous owners.  He has quickly worked his way back into our hearts with his cheeky and loving ways and is a popular and much welcomed visitor at the Care Home where Mom was resident before her illness.He displays impeccable manners and has considerable patience and understanding as the "oldies" stroke and fuss him and is not at all phased by wheelchairs and walking frames and other associated paraphernalia  Together, he and I raised £170 for the home by taking part in a sponsored 10 mile canal walk with the staff and carers, last October.  His other great hobby is landscape gardening, he has spent a good deal of his time re-arranging our previously pleasant cottage garden where it appears from now on we shall be having the new "distressed" look - if only he would learn to pull up the weeds and not just the plants but then what the heck, Dave never has!  Howard has sired several Championship show winning puppies, including our own Jasmine.  Howard is eye tested clear and hip scored 6/5.  Howard gained his champion title in 2010. CCL tested clear via Hannover linkage test, confirmed hereditary clear via USA. PLL DNA result on record.

three months after Howard came back to us
his hair has grown a little but he still has something of a "beatle cut"

he's got plenty of hair nowadays though

ten weeks old

ten months later
Jasmine is one year old

Khados All That Jazz, born 21st January 2006

I'm just naturally so much better behaved than that Patches

age ten months

Khados Patchwork Princess born 13/02/06
(Khados Fun Time Frankie (JW) ShCM x Khados Must Be Maude)

Patches is a daughter of Frankie and Maude, born 13th February 2006, she started her career in the show ring with some success but is actually gained more recognition for being the naughtiest puppy in the World.  No longer a puppy but still Queen of naughty.  Khados Patchwork Princess,  hip score 8/7, PLL DNA result on record.   Genetically clear of CCL (USA).  Patches had a litter in 2008 to Delbert's grandson Wharlie Hugo Boss and we have her beautiful natured son Neil now as part of our family.  Patches' sister Pascha came back to live with us in 2010 having gained her Dutch Champion title,  the two sisters enjoy a typical sister love/hate relationship. 

Khados Pink Passion
born 13/02/06 Khados Funtime Frankie JW ShCM x Khados Must Be Maude photo taken at Sumanshu NL


Maude is a daughter of Champion Khados Boris The Bold and Cederaire Posh Prudence, she is the same way bred as Elaine Roberts Australian Champion Khados Beau Brummell and Maggie Irving's Khados Happy Holly.  Maude had previously been living with  Mother but is now obviously back in our care, as is her pal Katie.   Maude is the dam of Khados Patchwork Princess and her younger sister Khados Enya Dreams. Maude black with white markings, born 04/12/98, eyes clear, hip score 6/6

Dirty Dorothy after a run in the woods
Polka Dot aged ten months

Neil had managed to keep out of the puddles
Solitary Man aged nine months

It's a dog's life
Pru much prefers to take things easy!


Black/tan and strong, like the brew he is named after, Guinness is Prudence's son, born 26/10/96, sired by Khados Banjo Bill.  He gained  1CC and 3RCC before we retired him from the show ring.  Guinness is our gentle giant who never ceases to please with his wonderful, happy nature, he is the sire of championship show winning progeny.  Eye tested clear and hip scored 6/7.  Genetically clear of PLL and CCL (USA)

Proud to be Tibetan

Guinness, pictured with his best mate Delbert, contrary to the popular opinion that male TTs do not get along, ours all live quite happily together

Guinness on the move

you gotta have good head on a Guinness
Khados Gottabe Guinness six years old

and a year later, taking a rare quiet moment
Guinness is seven

Guinness at twelve.........
....... he now pefers a more casual look

Relaxing in the September sunshine
photo taken September 1996

In the foreground Toots soaks us the late Summer sunshine with two of her daughters, on the left is Sally who was still celebrating after gaining her crown the week before at nineteen months old.  On the left is baby Beatrice. Later that month Toots and Bea travelled to Earls Court to represent the breed at Discover Dogs.  Beatrice later went to live in South Wales where she became the treasured companion of  Olive Thomas (Leashkhan).

one year later, another all girls photo
Sally (expecting her first litter), Prudence and Toots

two in the bed
Doris and Sally

The family bond remains strong, mom Sallyand daughter Doris (then thirteen and ten) are still always together.  The Tibetans frequently share beds, it is not unusual to find three or even four all curled up together.

Sitting by cyclamens must be a family thing.......
.......... a very, very young Boris

man and boy
veteran Boris still likes to sit amongst the flowers, this time its the violas

Frank prefers to pose by the Xmas tree
how long is that tongue?

Delbert also poses under the Xmas tree

In 1996, Delbert was the face of Pro Dogs most popular selling Xmas Card entitled "Wait for Christmas", the photo was taken and submitted to them by "Our Dogs" Photographer David Paton and was also the Christmas front cover picture of their publication in 1995, a perfect end to the year when he had been the Top Winning Puppy

while daffodils seem to do it for George
note yet another bandana

Frank does flowers too.......
.... but he doesn't always see the fushcia in it!

puppy Patches has choosen a hydranga
she's just wating till no one is watching so she can deflower it

Is Howard about to do some more pruning too?
Who me? I wasn't doing anything!

In October of 2006, we took our first holiday in 21years and were lucky enough to find a cottage in a remote in a very dog friendly seaside village in Scotland, with joy of joys, a dog proof garden.  Sally, Doris, Howard, Fifi and the two pups, Jasmine and Patches joined us in the adventure, it was so wonderful to see them running and playing to their hearts content on the endless beaches.
We all enjoyed it so much, we went back again in October 2007 and were blessed with the most gorgeous weather.

wet dogs and wet seaweed - Scotland 2007
Doris, Enya, Howard and Ronnie - beachcombing

three months old

Enya is the younger sister of Patches (Khados Fun Time Frankie x Khados Must Be Maude) she was born on 27th November 2006.  We hope Enya will not be as naughty as her big sister.
Eyes clear, hip score 7/3.  Genetically clear of PLL and tested clear of CCL via Hannover linkage test.

five months old

Ronnie is the a son of Champion Nefertari Black Ty'N Tails of  Willowbrae and Khados Fifi La Femme born 20th May 2007.
Eyes clear, hip score 4/6 DNA tested clear of PLL and CCL clear by parentage USA
Ronnie left us to live overseas in  Sweden in July 2008, having done us proud in the show ring and winning the Reserve CC at his final show in UK.  He now lives  a super home life with our friend Mirielle Pousard and her family of Kennel Lokattens alongside Doris' daughter Lisa - Swedish Champion Khados Look At Me - he has gained one CC so far in Sweden.

Ronnie at thirteen months old
a reserve CC winner

The sudden and devastating loss of our beloved Delbert brought about the next two matings and the somewhat unplanned arrival of two new youngsters at Khados.  Dorothy and Neil are Delbert's grandchildren through Lala and through Hugo Boss.  Like him, they are both adorable little people, wonderful to live with and a comfort to us that Delbert lives on through them.

three weeks old - "I'm so cute, I gotta stay"

six months old

and now Dorothy is all grown up............
.............. and ready to have babies of her own.

Khados Polka Dot
the beautiful Dorothy ..................

Dorothy is a sable and white daughter of Swedish Import Kyang's Ta-Ba Mfa-Ba and Khados Ladidah, she has her mother's and her grandfather's lovely laid back temperament. Eyes clear, hip score 6/8, genetically clear of PLL and CCL (Hannover/USA)

six weeks old - "I'm kinda cute too you know!"

six months old

Neil is the son of Wharlie Hugo Boss x Khados Patchwork Princess born 10th January 2008 - thankfully he is nowhere near as naughty as his mother was (still is) !  Neil has delighted us with his performance in the show ring, gaining a reserve CC and his Junior Warrant  both while still in his twelfth month. He also has a reserve green star and reserve CAC. We are delighted with his baby, our PomPom and his other championship show prize  winning children, Claude, Rupert and Delilah.   Eye Test Clear.  Hip Score 5/6, DNA tested clear of PLL and CCL clear via Hannover linkage test, confirmed by parentage, tested USA.

Neil and Dorothy are the best of friends
they spend the whole day playing

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