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Twelfth Night
Neil with the last remaining Xmas toy

10th January 2009 - first birthday of the year, Neil is one today and spends the day as always up to all sorts of mischief  with his "besty mate" Dorothy

The TTs (Terrible Twosome) Neil and Dorothy
taking a rest from play on Neil's first birthday

17th January - Our first show of the year and a fantastic start, Khados Solitary Man (Neil) at the tender age of twelve months one week wins his first Junior class and Reserve CC at Manchester Championship Show.
20th January - another birthday, Jasmine is three, she is in her favourite chair where she can keep a watchful eye on her puppies who are now six weeks old

Khados All That Jazz - three today
watches over her puppies

28th January - We are delighted to hear the news that Neil's first litter have arrived safe and sound in Bromsgrove (see puppies page for details)
31st January -  Khados Solitary Man wins Best of Breed at Lichfield Canine Society Open Show and at twelve months and three weeks gains the final point for his Kennel Club Junior Warrant Award.
February - And Winter Came - deep snow and bitter conditions -  a perfect excuse to stay indoors in the warm and play with the puppies.  We also met lots of lovely people who were to become the puppies new parents.


13th February - Patches third birthday already!

Patches spends a moment reflecting on being good..
... but it was only a moment....... !!!

6th March - our day at Crufts - Khados Solitary Man (JW) was placed third in puppy dog.  Other Khados prize card winners were:-
Khados Mad About The Boy for Regenka     - 2nd Veteran Dog
Khados Purple Percy at Luktu                     - 2nd Special Yearling Dog
Khados Mister Myagi                                  - 2nd Post Graduate Dog
Khados Heaven Scent to Wharlie                 - 5th Puppy Bitch
Khados Mary Goodnite                               - 3rd Post Graduate Bit
Thank you to all owners and handlers who represented us at Crufts, we are proud of you.  As always with Crufts, it is not only the show that features but for us also it is  a great pleasure to meet up with family and friends, especially those from overseas.

Khados Solitary Man
placed third in puppy dog - Crufts 2009

17th March - a beautiful Spring day and we celebrate George reaching his 17th birthday

Younger than Springtime
Champion Khados Kentucky George age 17 years

George's new birthday present jumper
red was always his best colour

21st March - Tibetan Terrier Association Annual Awards
Mallysmar Puppy Trophy (breed puppy class wins at Championship Shows)
Khados Solitary Man (JW)
Graham Newell Veteran Trophy (wins in Veteran classes at TTA shows)
Champion Khados Dizzy Doris (JW)
22nd March - Mother's Day  - everybody should take some time to spend with their Mother while they still can.  It is lovely also to  be able to spend some time outdooors with the dogs and making the most of this unseasonal warm and fine weather to get on with the garden - although how long the heads will stay on the newly planted flowers is very questionable?

Mother's Day 2009, Boris, Sally centre and Doris
Boris and Doris born 1997 and their Mom Sally born 1994

enjoying the Spring sunshine
Howard with his mom Doris

and Neil with his Mom Patches
(should she really be sitting on the table?)

and Frankie with daughters Enya and Patches
as usual, he didn't quite get the idea !!!!!!!

Mad March Hair

10th April - In Scotland Karen King gains a  Show Certificate of Merit with Khados Fragrant Daisy

11th April - Khados Solitary Man is awarded Best of Breed at Stratford on Avon Canine Society Open Show and placed 2nd in Utility Group - meanwhile in Hungary - our Frankie/Jasmine puppy Travis, Khados Dance With Ti La Shu goes on a show weekend and wins at the Hungarian International Championship Show, Best Baby in Breed and a Crufts qualification and the following day at the Hungary Exotic Show,  Best Baby in Breed again and all the way to Best In Show Baby, this at the tender age of four months,

Khados Dance With Ti La Shu Best In Show Baby
four months old, with owner handler Katja Rauhut - Ti La Shu, Germany

14th April - a day of sadness as we say goodbye to George.  Sleep tight little man, thank you for sharing your life with us.  You live on still in so many of our family, we will never forget you, the times we shared and all you taught us.

Champion Khados Kentucky George (1992 - 2009)
photo of original painting by the late Angela Mulliner - 1993

24th April - back to the shows, and wonderful Spring weather at the first outdoor show of 2009. WELKS  -Great results for Jane and Peter Heritage as Khados Purple Percy at Luktu wins the Reserve CC and his stud book number and Khados Drummer Boy is awarded Best Puppy In Breed for his owners Julia and Dennis Tuck.  We also thought we would have a bit of fun and put together a team of Khados dogs to try out the new Kennel Club Breeders competition and won First in Utility Breeders Group, thanks to all handlers and owners for taking part in this.
16th May - Khados Solitary Man is awarded Best of Breed at Redditch CS open show and is placed 2nd in the Utility Group.  In Germany multi titled Champion Khados Union Jack reaches his 16th birthday.  Our thanks to Anke and Franz Peine for taking such great care of this special boy for us.
17th May - Fifi La Femme presents us with six lovely health puppies by Neil, see puppies page.
29th May - Khados Howz'That ShCM wins the Green Star, Best Dog and Best In Show at the Tibetan Terrier Club of IrelandKhados Solitary Man (JW ) wins reserve Green Star and reserve Best Dog and Champion Khados Dizzy Doris (JW) reaching twelve years is reserve Best Bitch, reserve Green Star and Best Veteran In Show.  The hospitality at the Irish Club show was amazing, thank you so much for making us feel so welcome.
1st June - European Winners Show Dublin, Khados Howz'That ShCM is awarded reserve CACIB and Champion Khados Dizzy Doris (JW) is awarded reserve Green Star and Best Veteran In Breed
6th June,  In Scotland, Khados Fragarant Daisy of Karamyst ShCM wins Reserve Best In Show at Livingstone Canine Society Open Show
29th May - 8th June - We enjoy 8 beautiful days of sunshine and seaside holiday in the South of Ireland together with Sally, Doris, Howard, Patches, Dorothy and Neil

A001 (303K)
photo by Jessica - WELKS 2009
Khados Howz' That ShCM
2CC, 8 ResCC, 1 GS,  1 RGS, 1 CACIB, 1 ResCACIB, 1 CAC
Tibetan Terrier Club of Ireland
Dog Green Star, Best of Breed and Best In Show

Duncannon Beach
Doris, Sally, Howard, Neil, Patches and Dorothy

17th June - Three Counties Championship Show - Khados Fragarant Daisy of Karamyst ShCM wins her junior class and thereby gains the final point for her Junior Warrant and Stud Book Entry for owners Karen King and Vicky Houston.  The handlers put a Khados Team in the breeders class and win this and First Utility Breeders Group
27th June - A new  Khados Champion - good news comes in from Ellen Lind in Norway that Khados In The Limelight has gained her Norwegian Champion Title.
5th July - and one week later - another New Khados Champion -  a fantastic trip to Holland to the Stichting 'Limburgia' Hondenshow our very first time showing overseas and what a great time it was.  Khados Howz' That awarded Best Dog, CACIB and CAC and Khados Solitary Man awarded Reserve Best Dog and Reserve CAC and in the females, Khados Pink Passion awarded Reserve CAC this gave her the final point to her Dutch Champion Title - our grateful thanks to Petra and Will Keulers for their wonderful hospitality and to Hildegard Stephan for her help in handling the boys.  It was a lovely suprise to meet up again with Hille and the lovely Tin-Ley boy (Khados Purple Emporer) who we have not seen since he left us to live in Germany in 2007. It was also a pleasure to meet Regina Heinenen from Germany to whom I thank for the photos and of course all of the very sporting exhibitors from Holland.  A fantastic weekend to remember.

In Holland -Best Dog and Reserve Best Dog
Howz' That (Howard) and Solitary Man (Neil)

Norwegian Champion Khados In The Limelight
Khados Fun Time Frankie (JW) Shcm x Khados Good Gracious owner Ellen Lind

Dutch Champion Khados Pink Passion for Cloudbuster
Khados Fun Time Frankie (JW) Shcm x Khados Must Be Maude owners Tony Skabollous and Gary Faulkener

July and August,  kept us very busy in the boarding kennels, no shows for us this Summer, at least not until mid August when we had decided that for the first time ever we would do the Irish Circuit combined with a doggy holiday in the beautiful town of Kenmare in the South West of the country.  Probably the wettest week of the Summer, we showed Doris, Neil and Howard at two of the four circuit shows, gaining first place with excellent grading each time and Khados Howz' That  winning another reserve green star.

15th August - in Scotland, Khados Fragarant Daisy of Karamyst ShCM wins another Reserve Best In Show this time at Upperward of Lanarkshire CS Open Show

15th - 23rd August, a wet, wet, holiday in Ireland with Sally, Doris, Fifi, Jasmine, Howard and Neil

Doris, Fifi and Jasmine watch life in Kenmare
the bench in the front garden made an excellent viewing post to watch the world go by
the sun did shine for a few hours
in the back garden Sally, Doris and Howard savour the moment
being a Solitary Man
Neil prefers to sit alone
Inch Beach was wild, wet and windy
but at least we had it more or less to ourselves !
out of the storm
Doris and Neil found shelter in the sand dunes

Early September, back home, PomPom, the baby of the family enjoys some glorious Autumn weather with her dad Neil

PomPom and Neil
Khados Madame PomPom and Khados Solitary Man

20th September,  news from Germany, Khados Dance With Ti La Shu has gained his German Junior Champion Title in just three shows aged nine months and one week.

27th September,
   we took a trip over to Belfast championship dog show, Khados Howz' That was placed first in Open Dog and  awarded his 8th Reserve CC

Early October,
back on our side of the Irish Sea we took a few days holiday in Southern Scotland
with Sally, Doris, Howard, Fifi, Jasmine and Neil

Jasmine, Sally, Doris and Fifi
chilling out in the unusually mild Autumn weather in Scotland

17th October, Boris and Doris are 12 today, Happy Birthday to Scarlet too, she is ten today

Boris and Doris
taking it easy on their 12th birthday

18th October,    A new Khados Champion, news from Hilla in Germany, Khados Purple Emporer has gained his title Deutscher Champion VDH at two years and five months old - well done Hilla and Tin-ley boy.
(See Champions Pages)

23rd October, Midland Counties Championship Show, the Khados team win the breeders class and first in the Utility Breeders Group, thus gaining the required points to go forward to the finals of the competition to be held at Crufts 2010 - the first breeders team of Tibetan Terriers to achieve this. Our grateful thanks to the Khados owners and their dogs who have helped us along the way..
At the same show we were delighte to see Solitary Man's son Tyngeli Mr Bojangles win 1st Puppy Dog and Best Puppy In Breed as well as being highly placed in the puppy stakes, a geat start to his show career - well done.

1st Utility Breeders Group, photo by Jessica
Howz' That and Cheryl, Mister Miyagi and Carol, Purple Percy and Jane, Johnnie Rocket and Annette

31st October - Halloween - Trick or Treat?

Khados Madame PomPom meets Mr Pumpkin
but which is the plumper?

7th December  we have two birthdays to celebrate, Sally is 15 years old today and she has a special cake to share, and Dorothy is 2 today, she enjoys her big fluffy pink Emu special present.

Champion Khados Long Tall Sally
fifteen years old today
Khados Polka Dot
Dorothy with her pink emu birthday present

25th December,     Xmas Day -  PomPom hopes all friends of Khados had a jolly one 

Khados Madam PomPom
in her Christmas costume

31st December - New Year's Eve - ring out the old and bring in the new - we wish you all a happy and above all else a healthy New Year 2010

Khados Polka Dot
The party is over, the crackers all pulled - time to get on with a brand new year 2010 here we come!
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