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2010 Celebrations
~~~~~   include   ~~~~~

Travis Best In Show
Tibetan Terrier Breeder & Owners Club Autumn Open Show
Travis Dog CC
  Driffield Championship Show - October
Pascha Bitch CC and BOB
Travis Reserve Dog CC
 Belfast Championship Show - September
Travis Dog CC,BOB and 3rd Utility Group
 Leeds Championship Show - July
Travis BIS Newport Open Show - July
Pascha Reserve Best In Show
Tibetan Terrier Club of Ireland - June
PomPom Reserve Best Puppy In Show
 National Championship Dog Show - May

~~~   Howard his Champion title   ~~~

on 10th January 2010 at Boston Championship Show Howard gained his third and qualifying challenge certificate and thus became
thirteenth Khados Tibetan Terrier Champion
our thanks to judge Caroline Johnson Morris for this award
and to Jane Lilley and Liz Cartledge for his first two CC's

Champion Khados Howz' That ShCM
photo by Jessica

Khados Madame PomPom
enjoying her very first snow fall, January 2010

Some highlighs of 2010 - we don't print the lows - it's too sad........ but we appreciate your messages and words of comfort ... thank you.

January 2010
- a brand new start and brand new puppies, we are delighted to welcome to the world, one girl and four boys, proud mom is Lala (Khados Ladidah) and very proud dad, with his first ever litter Dasher  - Togepi Spartan's Hero - follow links page to Togepi website to see more of Dasher.  
also in January  -  Boston Championship Show, first open dog and dog CC  - At last Howard gets that elusive third and crowning CC and gains his title
Champion Khados Howz' That.

Easter Greetings from Finley
aka Khados Finn McCool

April in UK -    Spring is here and time to get back to the shows - at the TTA Breed Club Open Show, PomPom, Khados Madame PomPom wins Puppy Bitch  and Maiden Bitch, her half brother Tyngeli Mr Bojangles is awarded Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy In Show, well done his owner/breeders Mike Kennet and Rose O'Sullivan.

and a  fabulous day judging at WELKS Championship Show, some great dogs standing  and  an honour to have the opportunity to judge them - thank you for your entries.

April in Ireland -  Fermoy International Championship Show - PomPom wins Junior Bitch and Howard wins Champion Dog and Reserve CACIB/Reserve Green Star - next Day South Tipperary Championship Show - PomPom wins Puppy Bitch and Reserve Green Star

May, back in UK -
  PomPom wins Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy In Breed and Best Puppy In Utility Group and has to go back to compete on the final day of competition at The National Championship Dog Show, she came home with Reserve Best Puppy In Show and a rosette as big as herself!  Thank you to her friends who came along to support us on the final day and those who sent messages - we are very touched by this.

17th May, Petal - Khados Live A Lotto and Howards seven puppies are born, four girls and three boys - this is also PomPom's first birthday.

May in Scotland - at the SKC Championship Show, PomPom wins Junior Bitch and her half sister, Cloudbuster Next Top Model, wins Minor Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy In Breed for owner/breeder Tony Skaboullos, Delilah is the third puppy sired by Khados Solitary Man to win Best Puppy in Breed at Championship level this year. Congratulations also to Boris The Bold's' son, Merrifern Mimosa Moon and Purple Ronnie's daughter Merrifern Marciana, who won their respective Post Graduate classes.

Khados Madame PomPom
Utility Puppy Group Winner, National Dog Show - judge Ellis Hulme

June - back in Ireland for four championship shows and a fabulous holiday with six of the dogs at the seaside.  Pascha, NLChampion Khados Pink Passion, came back to live with us in May and joins us on hers hols,  She wins the Green Star at  four out of four shows with BOB at Swords and is Reserve Best In Show at the Tibetan Terrier Club of Ireland.  Finley, Khados Finn McCool competes in the baby puppy class and is Best Puppy In Show and PomPom is Best Junior in Show Howard also adds another Reserve Green Star to his collection at Deise Championship Show.
A wonderful, sunny, happy holiday and some lifelong memories to cherish in our very favourite place to be.

the same weekend, over in UK,
at Blackpool Championship Show, Khados Mister Miyagi wins Limit Dog for owner Carol Palmer and Khados Fragrant Daisy of Karamyst wins Post Graduate Bitch for her owner Karen King, her sister Khados Heaven Scent to Wharlie is placed 2nd in Limit Bitch - well done ladies.

and, In Denmark, at The World Show, Khados Dance With Ti La Shu wins his Intermediate Class with Excellent grading, handled by joint owner Sabine Rahaut of Ti La Shi Kennels in Germany.  Travis then travelled to UK to join us back at home for his "Gap Year"  Our grateful thanks to the people involved in transporting him safely back to UK to his first Mommy who was anxiously waiting for him.

NL Ch Khados Pink Passion (photo Howard Tonks)
Green Star and BOB Swords All Breed Championship Show Ireland June 2010

..... and the next day.........
Green Star again and RBIS at the Tibetan Terrier Club of Ireland

July 10th 2010 - Travis - Khados Dance With Ti La Shu goes to his first UK show and wins Best Of Breed, Best In Utility Group and Best In Show at Newport and District Canine Society Open Show.  Way to go Travis..................

July 17th - will be our annual eye testing clinic at Portway - all our welcome, please telephone for an appointment

back in UK on vacation
Travis enjoys a romp with his new friend Finley

he quickly develops a passion for Football
and his Uncle Harvey lends him a shirt to wear

24th July,  Travis' first Championship show in UK, he wins Limit Dog, Dog CC and BOB under breed specialist Joyce Crawford-Manton (Ire) and then thrills us when he is placed 3rd in Utility Group under international all rounder judge  Brenda Banbury.  PomPom also wins her junior bitch class and Khados Mary Goodnite wins Post Graduate Bitch for owners Roy and Anita Miles.

Khados Dance With Ti La Shu
on show in UK - CC with BOB and BIG 3

July 31st - TTA Open Show - Travis  wins Special Yearling Dog and PomPom wins Junior Bitch and Novice Bitch and is awarded Reserve Best Bitch, three more of Neil's progeny also also win their classes, Nefertari Life On Mars wins Minor Puppy Dog,  Tyngeli Mr Bojangles wins Junior Dog and Cloudbuster Heartthrob wins Puppy Dog and  Best Puppy In Show - in fact the progeny of Khados enjoyed a very successful show, thank you to judge Aimee Vernall

August 2nd - a very exciting trip to Holland and the home of Sumanshu Tibetan Terriers to meet at last our new puppy Sumanshu Hotter N' Hot at Khados - Rutger will arrive in UK next Spring.  Thank you Petra and Will for your wonderful hospitality to myself and Kirsty, we had a super time.

August 14th  - 20th in Ireland- we did three of the shows on the Irish circuit, while on holiday with six of the dogs and staying in Mallow.  Pascha gained one more Green Star at Limerick and one reserve Green Star at Clonmel

August 22nd -
  back in UK and  at  the Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show - Khados Madame PomPom wins Junior Bitch

August Holiday in Ireland
Sally, Jasmine, PomPom, Pascha, Travis and Howard having a longest tongue competition

September in Ireland,
On holiday with six of the dogs again, this time in Co Wicklow, boy are we all well travelled this year!
11th/12th September - Irish Kennel Club International/National Championship Shows - Finley, Khados Finn McCool  wins Best Puppy In Breed and is placed 2nd best puppy in FCI Group 9Travis, Khados Dance With Ti La Shu wins Intermediate Dog with excellent grading and Reserve Green Star.
18th September - Carlow Championship Show - Travis wins Intermediate Dog with excellent grading and this time is awarded the Green Star

26th September - Belfast Championship Show - Travis
is placed second in Open Dog and wins Reserve CC, PomPom wins Post Graduate Bitch and Pascha, Khados Pink Passion for Cloudbuster, wins Open Bitch, Bitch CC and BOB, this win is very special to us as this is the first time I have handled  Pascha in UK competition.

Khados Finn McCool - 8 months
BPIB and Reserve Puppy Group (FCI Group 9) - Irish Kennel Club International Championship Show

September in Germany,
The same weekend ......
Mo-Shu Indus wins his first CACIB,CAC and BOB, handled by Trixi Rose of Mo-Shu kennels.  Indus is sired by Khados Fun Time Frankie, we are very proud of Frankie's offspring and their achievements.

3rd October - Driffield Championship Show - Travis wins Open Dog and his 2nd CC, he now has 2CC and 1RCC in just five UK Championship shows . We are delighted with his results.

17th October - TTBOC Open Show - Travis is Best Dog and Best In ShowPomPom is the Post Grauate Bitch winner and her half sister Cloudbuster Next Top Model   wins Junior Bitch and Runner Up Best Female.  Today is also Champion Khados Boris The Bold's 13th Birthday

24th October - Tamworth Open Show - PomPom
wins Best Of Breed, Best In Group and Reserve Best In Show

Champion Khados Boris The Bold
(aged twelve years and 364 days)

31st October - Halloween helping Mister Pumpkin keep the evil spirits away

our 2010 Halloween Mascot - Lara
Khados Time For Tea

November 7th - the lovely Pascha has been back with us for six months today, during which time we have shown her in Ireland, she has won a CC with BOB, five Green Stars and one reserve Green Star. We hope  it won't be too long before she has a litter with us.

NL Ch Khados Pink Passion for Cloudbuster
Pascha - Khados Fun Time Frankie x Khados Must Be Maude

November 27th - it's Enya's fourth birthday today and what a suprise to wake up to snow.

Khados Enya Dreams on her 4th birthday
even though it is cold and snowy, she still seems pleased about something?

November 29th, even more snow and  today is Frank's 9th birthday, he is no fool though, he decided to spend the day relaxing in comfort in the warm

Khados Fun Time Frankie (JW) ShCM
on his 9th birthday

First the weather and then the flu kept us away from the final two shows of 2010 but we still found plenty of reason to celebrate in December:-

December 7th - Our lovely Sally (Champion Khados Long Tall Sally) is sixteen today.  It is also Dorothy's birthday (Khados Polka Dot) she is a mere three years.

December 8th - another birthday, this time it is Travis (Khados Dance With Ti La Shu) he is two today

Champion Khados Long Tall Sally
at sixteen years old, still as beautiful as ever

The two birthday people, Travis and Sally
what are they looking at? is it their birthday cake?

20th December,  Happy Landings - Enya produces five lovely, healthy babies.  No wonder she was looking pleased with herself  !! We had  three boys and two girls.

25th December to 31st December, Christmas Holidays, wishing joy, health and happiness to all Khados TTs and their owners.  See you again next year.