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January was cold but inside playing with the puppies we were warm and cosy 

Finley and Enya's puppies
born 20th December 2010

There were two birthdays in January

10th January - three years old
Neil - Khados Solitary Man (JW)

21st January - five years old
Jasmine - Khados All That Jazz

There were two shows in January

January 9th, Boston Championship Show -
the father of our new import boy from Holland gained his UK Champion title and became UK and Multi International Champion Bhaskar Lhun-Po, we cannot wait for March and our new little lad to arrive.

January 21st, Manchester Championship Show - Khados Madame PomPom is awarded first in Post Graduate Bitch.  Two more of Neil's children also won their classes at this show,
Tyngeli Mr Bojangles was first in Post Graduate Dog for owner/breeders Rose O'Sullivan and Mike Kennett and Merrifern Rumour Has It was first in Minor Puppy Bitch for owner/breeders Sue Wood and Mary Smith.  Well done.

Khados Madame PomPom
on show

February brought about some brighter weather and Enya's pups were at last able to get outside to play


In February our family was still slightly extended as Lala - Khados Ladidah - came to stay with us for a few weeks (wonder why she came to stay?  watch out for news in April !!!!)

Dorothy with her mom Lala
daughter and grandaughter of Delbert and both have his wonderful laid back sunny nature

There was a birth and two birthdays in February

13th February - Patches and Pascha are five today
sisters Khados Patchwork Princess and Khados Pink Passion

February 10th, three days before her birthday Pascha presented us with three baby girls and three baby boys sired by the promising youngster Cloudbuster Heartthrob.

March came at last bringing glorious Spring sunshine, and what a busy few weeks we had with our visitors from overseas joining us for Crufts.  We were very pleased to welcome to our home and to meet our dogs,  TT breeders from Germany, Norway, Denmark Holland and Italy.  However, the most exciting arrival of all was RUTGER aka Sumanshu Hotter N' Hot at Khados, this wonderful happy boy burst into our lives and our hearts the weekend of Crufts it has been a long wait but welcome to your new home at last lovely boy and thank you so much to Petra and Will Keulers for the time, care and devotion you have put into this boy for the first eleven months of his life and  most of all, for entrusting him to us.  Rutger has his own page started in the Individual Photo Albums.

Just arrived in UK
Sumanshu Hotter N'Hot at Khados - Dutch Import

aged eleven months

March 2011

Sadly for us Crufts also marked the end of Travis' stay with us in UK, he left to return to Germany  after the show but before he went, he made our day when he won First in Limit Dog handled by his other much younger and talented mommy Katja Rahaut of Ti La Shu  kennels

German Junior Ch Khados Dance With Ti La Shu
1st Limit Dog Crufts 2011 - the last show of his holiday in UK

During his short stay with us and from only a few shows in 2010, Travis has won 2 Challenge Certificates one with Best Of Breed and Group Place 3, 1 reserve CC, 1Green Star and 1 reserve GS, an All Breeds Best In Show and a Breed Club Best In Show. He is now old enough to go forward to complete his German and International titles and we wish him and Ti La Shu kennels all the very best in these achievements. 
auf Wiedersehen mein Liebling, it has been wonderful having you stay with us and we hope we will see you and Katja again at some time on show  in UK, be happy and be healthy and go knock 'em dead in Europe !!  A little bit of you will always be with us - we can't thank you enough for that. 

Other successes for Khados at Crufts were Khados Purple Percy, first in Good Citizens class, handled by Aimee Vernall and another first in Post Graduate Dog for Neil's son, Tyngeli Mr Bojangles with Rose O'Sullivan, well done all you ladies. Frank, Neil and Fifi are very proud of their boys.

Khados Fun Time Frankie and Dance With Ti La Shu
Before Travis left , Frankie had a father to son chat with him about the Birds and The Bees

Champion Khados Long Tall Sally 16+ years
Sally, says she is far too old for all that malarky, she is just enjoying the sunshine

April 2nd, Mothers Day, the oldest of our mother and child combinations - Boris  is thirteen and a half and his Mom Sally is coming up to sixteen and a half - our youngest Mom and child - Enya is four and her daughter Orla is fourteen weeks.

Champions Khados Boris The Bold and LongTall Sally
Boris manages to find some flowers for his Mom on Mothers Day

Khados Enya Dreams and Khados Beautiful Dreamer
Enya says it's rude to poke your tongue out Orla !

Talking about Mothers
Dorothy is most certainly in bloom just now

April 9th - Tibetan Terrier Association Spring Open Show - Best In Show  awarded to
Khados Mary Goodnite at Yantiora - Mary is owned by Anita and Roy Miles, well done you two, congratulations, we are so proud of you.

April 10th - In Essex, the lovely Lala produced us five puppies sired by our dear, sweet Travis, who is now back with his owners in Germany.  Three boys and two girls, sables, whites and black/whites - thank you Travis for this parting gift. 

April 14th - Rutger  aka Sumanshu Hotter N' Hot at Khados has been with us one month now and has settled in to our family, today is his first birthday

Tiptoe Through The Tulips
Birthday Boy Rutger - one year old

April 19th - Glorious sunshine everywhere most especially here in our house as Dorothy produces her first litter, we have five very pretty pups - thank you Dorothy and Neil
(Khados Solitary Man JW x Khados Polka Dot)
these precious new babies go back on both sides to our special sunshine boy, our darling Delbert.
(photo on puppies and litters page - use the link below)

Khados puppies

Naiya and Orla sending Easter Greetings
Khados Rogell's Love Of Naiya and Khados Beautiful Dreamer

April 24th Easter Sunday - a fabulous day for us, Rutger - Sumanshu Hotter N' Hot at Khados went to his first show, the Tibetan Terrier Breeders and Owners Club Championship Show and was placed 1st in Junior Dog.  At the same show we were delighted to see Rose O'Sullivan win Post Graduate Dog and Reserve CC with Neil's son Tyngeli Mr Bojangles,  well done Rose and Claude.  When we got home, there was more good news waiting for us from Germany - at his first show back home, our dear sweet Travis had won his final CAC and qualifies for his National Championship Title - he is now German Champion Khados Dance With Ti La Shu (subject to KC confirmation)

Rutger 12 months old
on show in UK (photo by Dee Ford)

May 6th - National Dog Show -  Khados Mary Goodnite at Yantiora is placed 1st in Limit Bitch and awarded the Challenge Certificate.  Mary (Ch Alilah Gervaise x Frankie/Doris daughter Khados Merry Martha) is owned by Roy and Anita Miles.  The Post Graduate winner is also bred from a Khados bitch, Jan Witham's homebred  Dobraich Lipsmacker,  sired by Frankie's son  Dogwarts Gryffindor x Khados Live A Lotto and the Junior Dog winner Nefertari Life On Mars, owned and shown by Claire Stutchbury, is sired by Khados Solitary Man (JW) x  Boris' daughter Nefertari Got A Krush On You - a fabulous day all round.

Khados Mary Goodnite at Yantiora
Bitch CC winner - National Dog Show (photo by Dee Ford)

There were two birthdays in May

17th May - Birthday cousins PomPom and Lara
Khados Madame PomPom is two and Khados Time For Tea is one today

30th May, Bath Championship Dog Show -  Sumanshu Hotter N'Hot at Khados - 1st Junior Dog, 1st Novice Dog - well done Rutger and Khados Mr Miyagi owned and shown  by Carol Palmer - 1st Limit Dog.

3rd June, Southern Counties Championship Show -
only Rutger representing Khados this time but it went well - 1st Junior Dog, 1st Graduate Dog, way to go boy !

winning his classes at Southern Counties
Sumanshu Hotter N'Hot at Khados - Rutger

July 9th - Newport All Breeds Open Show - Rutger's first Open Show in UK and he won Best Of Breed, Best In Group and Best In Show  - this time last year Newport was Travis' first show in UK  and he also won Best In Show - so that is  BIS two years running - WOW

July 16th - Annual Eye Testing Clinic at Khados -
a busy Saturday and lots of visitors arrive at Portway as 30 TTs have their annual eye test- all clear.  Thank you Christine Heinrich for attending to examine the dogs and Aimee Vernall for her secretarial duties and homemade cake - yummy !!

July 17th - Evesham and District Open Show - Rutger is Best Of Breed, Orla -Khados Beautiful Dreamer -  is Best Puppy and Reserve Best of Breed handled by Elise O'Connor and then Elise wins her Junior Handling class with Orla, this is only the second time Elise has competed in this event and they qualify for the semi-finals of the JHA event at Richmond later this year.  Well done Elise.

July 21st - Brother and sister Ch Khados Howz' That and Khados Fifi La Femme are seven, cannot really belive that these two are now officially veterans........

July 30th - Over in Ireland for the first time this year at Bangor Championship Show with success, Pascha - Ned Champion Khados Pink Passion for Cloudbuster wins Champion Bitch with excellent grading and is awarded the Green Star and Rutger - Sumanshu Hotter N'Hot at Khados on his first time in FCI competition is awarded first with excellent grading in Junior Dog class.
Meanwhile in Denmark, our beloved Travis - Deutsch Ch Khados Dance With Ti La Shu gains his Danish and International Champion titles handled by Katja Rahaut of Ti La Shu Kennels in Germany.  Way to go boy ........... and a massive thank you to Katja and Sabine Rahaut.

soaking up the July sun
Howard and Fifi on their 7th birtday

Best In Show - Tibetan Terrier Association
Summer Open Show - Junior Dog winner Sumanshu Hotter N'Hot at Khados (imp Ned)

August 6th - Tibetan Terrier Association Summer Open Show - Sumanshu Hotter N'Hot at Khados wins Junior Dog, Best Dog and Best In Show - thank you to judge Julie Hindle for this second BIS win for Rutger.

August 15th- en route to Ireland - Bournemouth Championship Show - another Junior Class win for Rutger, and this time he is also awarded the Reserve CC and gains his KC Stud Book Number - but the fun did not end there as Pascha - Ned Ch Khados Pink Passion for Cloudbuster won Open Bitch and was awarded the CC - what a fabulous day to start our two week holidays.

August 18th - Limerick Championship Show and the holiday just got better as Rutger wins Junior Dog with excellent grade and gains his first  reserve Green Star but best of all, Pascha wins the Champion Bitch class with excellent grade and is awarded her 7th Green Star with Best Of Breed, this win gives her the Irish Champion Title.

August 20th - and better still at Tralee Championship Show - Rutger wins Junior Dog with excellent grade and is awarded his first Green Star,
Then together with Rutger, Pascha, Howard, Fifi, Patches and PomPom, we headed off to the sunny South East coast of Ireland and enjoy a fabulous week of rest and relaxation, we even got a suntan !!  Thanks to Adam Ashby for taking care of everything back home, especially Baby.

August 27th - we are on our way home via Dublin and at the IKC International Championship Show we have a great finale to our fabulous holidays when Rutger wins Intermediate Dog with excellent grade and is awarded the CACIB and Green Star and Pascha wins Champion Bitch with excellent grade, and she also takes a CACIB and Green Star. 
is awarded BOB.   Meanwhile back home, Carol Palmer is keeping the Khados flag flying winning first in minor puppy dog at the SKC Championship show with RiffRaff aka Khados Dreamboat  well done guys.

August 29th - Back in UK and Rutger goes to Leicester Open Show where he wins two classes and Best Of Breed nearly there now with the Junior Warrant - keep going.

September 4th - City Of Birmingham Championship Show - Rutger is placed 1st in Junior Dog and Graduate Dog, these wins give him the final points he needs for his KC Junior Warrant award.  We think, due to the quarantine rules, this is posssibly the first time an imported dog has achieved this award? anyway the win brings great applause from his supporters.  Pascha has taken a rest from this show and PomPom - Khados Madame PomPom has come out to compete instead and with great results, she is placed 1st in Post Graduate Bitch and is awarded the Reserve CC and gains her KC Stud Book Number.

September 16th - Darlington Championship Show - WOW - The Double - Rutger
is first in Junior Dog and is awarded his first Challenge Certificate - Pascha is first in Open Bitch and is awarded her third Challenge Certificate thus qualifying her for her UK Champion title, she is now a Champion in three countries.  Rutger is declared BOB and is shortlisted down to the final  eight is a strong Utility Group.  At the same show the reserve bitch CC is awarded to Cloudbuster Next Top Model, who like PomPom is a daughter of Solitary Man, so now he has three children that have been awarded reserve CCs this year, we are very proud of him and very happy for the owners of his winning children.  And guess what else - outside we have Howard and Baby waiting for us because we are off to Ireland again for a few days, this time to our very most favourite place in the South -Duncannon - yipee - Baby's very first holiday at the seaside.

September 17th  - Carlow Championship Show, yes we can get from the North of England to the South of Ireland overnight and well worth the effort too because Rutger wins Junior Dog with excellent grade, this win qualifies him for his Irish Junior Champion title and Pascha wins Champion Bitch with excellent grade and the Green Star.  And now time to hang up the show leads for a while and have a well earned rest, we are off to take Baby to see the sea and have a drink or two to celebrate - cheers !!

September 25th, we did not attend Belfast Championship Show this year but Khados was represented by Karen King showing Khados Fragarant Daisy of Karamyst and we were thrilled when she rang us with the news that she had won first in Limit Bitch and Reserve Bitch CC - Karen's first green edged card - well done, we are very proud of you.

unstoppable force meets immovable object
Baby comes face to face with the sea for the first time

October 16th - Tibetan Terrier Breeder and Owners Club Open Show, Rutger,
Sumanhsu Hotter N'Hot at Khados (JW) IKC Jun Champ (Imp Ned)
at only 18months wins his first Limit Dog Class and is awarded Best Dog and Reserve Best In Show. Thank you to the judge Suzzy Roffey (Araki).

October 17th - Champion Khados Boris The Bold (JW) enjoys his 14th birthday, also happy birthday to his younger sister Khados Scarlet Ribbons who is 12 today and remembering fondly their two sisters Champion Khados Dizzy Doris (JW) and Khados Almost An Angel with Togepi.

October 30th - Tibetan Terrier Association - Rutger is placed first in Open Dog and is awarded Best Dog and wins his second Challenge Certificate, still only 18 months old!! 
Howard - Ch Khados Howz's That ShCM returns to the ring after a 16 month break and wins his first Veteran Class and Best Veteran Dog.  A really good day for the Khados boys as
Carol Palmer and Khados Mr Mayagi are placed 1st in Limit Dog.  Thank you to judge, breed specialist  Clive Gilbert (Tsampaka)

Sumanshu Hotter N'Hot at Khados (JW) IKC Jun Ch
first in Open Dog, Best Male and CC winner - with judge Clive Gilbert

October 31st - straight from the show and an overnight  ferry crossing, we're back in Ireland - UK/IKC/NED Ch Khados Pink Passion wins the Green Star and Best Of Breed at All Ireland Bull Breeds Championship Show - this is Pascha's 10th Green Star.  Of course the show was not the main reason for the madness of this journey,  we brought a little someone back home with us .............

November 1st - introducing -  Mikudi Hot On His Heels -
Daddy is Sumanshu Hotter N'Hot at Khados (JW) IKC Jun Ch (imp NED)  and mommy is
Crufts BOB winner  UK/IKC/Int Ch Schanti's Zara Lamleh mit Mikudi (imp Deu)

Mikudi Hot Sensation and Mikudi Hot On His Heels
the Irish brothers inUK - Sheldon and Mikey - Sheldon is guesting at Portway en route to Europe

November 6th - Coventry (Foleshill) CA Open Show - Best In Show.  Rutger won Best AVNSC and Best Utility Group under Jean Sharp-Bale and the Best In Show under Bob Gregory, not yet 19 months old, this is his third BIS award.

November 19th and a change of direction as we have headed over to Europe to Belgium and the Eurodogshow in Kortrijk.  A fantastic day, Rutger is graded Excellent and placed first Intermediate Dog and awarded the CAC and CACIBPascha is graded Excellent and  placed first in Champion Bitch and is also awarded the CAC and CACIB.  Pascha takes the BOB and goes on to be the fourth highest placed exhibit in the very strong Group 9 - a fabulous day and so nice to meet overseas friends old and new.  Thank you for your support and your warm congratulations.  This win also gave Pascha her International Champion Title (subject to FCI confirmation - Rutger is also half way to his already at only 19 months, we are so very thrilled with the wonderful year these two have had in 2011.  We also took one little chap out with us and brought another back !!  Sheldon - Mikudi Hot Sensation - finally got to meet his new Mommies in Belgium all the way from Ireland via Birmingham and taking his place on the return route, not another puppy, just a favourite coming home - yes it's true - Travis is back!! welcome home my lovely boy, we  missed you.

Bringing home the Silverware
Dog CACIB, Bitch CACIB and Fourth in Group trophies from the Eurodgshow 2011

The Celebration Cake
Adam had this and a Bottle of Bubbly waiting for us on our return

and the real icing on the cake .....
.... we brought Travis home with us, he soon settled back in and claimed his favourite perch

27th November, a beautiful, bright sunny day, Mikey is old enough now to go out on the lead and discover the big wide World, his first such adventure is with big sister Baby and uncle Travis to feed the ducks at the Arrow Valley Park

Baby, Travis and Mikey
A walk in the Park

The boys celebrate Frank's 10th Birthday Nov 29th
Travis thinks it's a great laugh but Frank thinks there could be trouble!

3rd December - British Utility Breeds Championship Show and our last Champ show of 2011, we finished in style with Rutger at only 19 months placed first in Open Dog and awarded the Reserve CC.  Other Khados triumphs were Neil's children  - Cloudbuster Heartthrob first in Post Graduate Dog and our homebred Neil/Dorothy daughter, Khados Sunshine Girl for Layoli  - first in Minor Puppy Bitch and Best Bitch Puppy, well done to owners Malcom and Anita Fenton.

Rutger at BUBA - reserve CC winner
photo by Aimee

December 7th and 8th, a birthday week - Dorothy is four and Travis is three

Dorothy plays with her new birthday toy
Dorothy's 4th birthday December 7th

while Travis wonders what roses taste like?
Travis' third birthday - December 8th

December 18th - Oakengates Open Show and our last show of the year, Rutger is Best Of Breed and wins the Utility Group, this win gives him the final points for his Show Certificate of Merit (subject to KC comfirmation)  - we think this is a new record as due to current quarantine rules this  the first time an imported Tibetan Terrier has achieved the dual titles JW and ShCM.  Now time to raise a glass to celebrate the wonderful times we have had with our TTs during  2011 and to wish you all a Very MerryChristmas and hope we all have a fantastic 2012 - CHEERS !!!

Howard and Pascha
Having some Festive Fun - Merry Xmas Everyone

31st December and as 2011 comes to and end and a new year begins,  a little quiet time to reflect on the year gone by, to give thanks for the good times and the good friends who shared it with us and the new friends we have made  and also to shed a little tear for the beloved dogs that  for whatever reason, no matter how hard to undertand, their maker has chosen to take back this year, we are richer for them having been a part of our lives, go in peace little ones thank you for allowing us to share your time one earth.  As always, a massive thank you to all of your who own and cherish your Khados Tibetan Terriers, our best wishes to you and  to them for a happy and healthy 2012................  hope you have enjoyed sharing our 2011 journal, see you next year.
Cheryl, Dave and the Khados TTs

Baby and Mikey wait to welcome in 2012

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