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On this page you can see photos of Khados Tibetan Terriers that are dearly beloved companions to their owners, if yiu have a Khados TT and your'e not on this page, then we need a photo pronto !!

Khados Banjo Bill

Banjo is litter brother to Champion Khados Long Tall Sally, he is the sire of Guinness,Lucy and Champion Khados Danny Boy and grandsire of his lookalike - Funtime Frankie.  Banjo was the first TT and first show dog for his owners Larry, Betty and Julie Daniels of the Danjubet kennels in Birmingham, he gained 2 RCC and his Junior Warrant.

Rose and Elliott
owned by Judith, Glyn and Julie Davis

Lucy and Jay

Goosegog Prairie Rose with Wharlie, RCC (Left) and Cederaire Mister Wiggley 1CC, 7RCC, owned and shown by Judith, Glyn and Julie Davis of the Wharlie kennels in Birmingham, are progeny of Champion Kentucky George, Elliott is the sire of Champion Khados Diamond Delbert, Rose is the dam of Wharlie Hugo Boss who is the sire of our litter out of Khados Patchwork Princess due 14th January 2008.  The Davis family were fundamental to the early success of the Khados Tibetan Terriers, their help and support enabled us to keep showing during David's illness.  Judith still handles Khados TTs and is currently showing Khados Dublin Quest for Maggie Irving

Wharlie Hugo Boss
sire of Khados Solitary Man

On the left is Khados Lucy Limelite 1CC, sister to Guinness and dam of Khados Funtime Frankie (JW) ShCM and Khados The Devil's Daughter at Nefertari.  Lucy is by Khados Banjo Bill x Cederaire Posh Prudence by Khados.  On the right is Johnnie Boy Khados 1CC, 3 RCC, sire of Champions Khados Boris The Bold (JW) and Khados Dizzy Doris (JW) and the twin sisters Khados Scarlet Ribbons and Khados Almost An Angel at Togepi.  Jay is sired by Ch Khados Kentucky George x Marashaw Beatrice.  At the time the photo was taken, these two were owned and campaigned in the partnership of  Elizabeth Brennand and Antony Gardiner (Tibtod)

Khados Kracklin'Rosie
owned by Alan and Jenny Cain from Redditch

Rosie is George's sister and the mother of Champion Khados Diamond Delbert.

Khados Little Lucie owners Beryl and Derek Stapely
Dad won't be able to find his slippers tonight!

Lucie is litter sister to German, European and International Champion Khados Union Jack

Symon and Tashi, beloved pals of Judy Lunt
KC Good Citizens and registered PAT dogs

Mistism Symon Saint (left) is a son of Diamond Delbert, he enjoys lots of cuddles, peace and quiet and stealing food. Tashi (Khados Good Fortune) is Scarlet's brother, he enjoys dashing around like a mad thing and stealing socks, like his big brother Boris, he also does tricks. (Atually he is much better at them but we don't tell Boris that!)

Khados Merry Martha
owned by Roy and Anita Miles in Bromsgrove

This dearly beloved baby is a daughter of Khados Funtime Frankie x Champion Khados Dizzy Doris. 
Martha lives with Rioy an Anita Miles (Yantiora) in Bromsgrove, tested CCL clear (Hannover) confirmed hereditary clear(USA)

Martha's sister Millie
Khados Millie Vanilli

Millie lives with Alan and Debbie Coker and family in Hemel Hempstead.  Their youngest daughter had been terrified of dogs before being introduced to the gentleness of Sally and Doris and then allowed to see  very baby puppies just a few days old.  Three months later, after owning Millie, she stood  amongst  hundreds of  dogs as a visitor to  Crufts, all fears forgotton.

and their brother Guy
aka Khados Ian Incidentally

Guy was shown briefly by us as a puppy  before David was taken ill and our showing was curtailled.  He now lives very happily in Evesham with Joyce Marshall.

and another brother Khados Pipped At The Post
Pip lives with Penny Williams in Newcastle and does agility training

Khados Domino Dancer
at eight months

all grown up now
Domino at two and a half years old

Domino is a first Tibetan Terrier for Toki Lapham, who alongside her Mother Anne owns the Tadashi Afghan Hounds.   Sired by Champion Khados Diamond Delbert x Champion Khados Dizy Doris (JW)  he enjoys ruling the household and being thoroughly spoiled. 

Dom's brother Pasty
Khados Cornish Connection

Pasty lives with Peter and Lucy Harvey in Stratford and enjoys his daily walk along the banks of the River Avon.  Since going to live with Peter and Lucy, Pasty has gained two new playmates as Lucy gave birth to twins on Pasty's first birthday.  This is the second time that a previously childless couple have bought a puppy from us and then gone on to unbelievably suddenly conceive and both times it has been twins.
Domino also now has a new playmate, Murphy, he was born 21/01/06 and is litter brother to our Jasmine. 

Khados Thatz How

another of Jasmine's brothers, Khados That's Life
Beau clearly has a tough life with the Bright family in Oxf ordshire

Tibetan Terriers like to dress up too
Alfie in his second home

Sometimes things can go wrong and for various reasons a pup does not settle well into his new household, or the new owners realise that owning a pup is a far bigger undertaking than they had thought.  Alfie (previously known as Arthur- Khados Arthur Guinness) was just such a pup, a son of Scarlet and Guinness, he was returned to us when he was ten months old as his owner had developed an illness and was unable to dedicate the time and care an active growing pup needed.  Slightly wayward, he needed to regain his confidence and trust.   He now lives with Helen and her three boys in Solihull and one year on, she writes with the above photo, "thanks for letting us give Alfie a home, he has fit in beautifully and gives us lots of pleasure"  She also tells me he loves to play football with the boys and his best friend in the park is a GSD of the same age.
Arthur (Alfie) was lucky as he was returned to us so that we were able to help him.  We have a contract between ourselves and our new puppy owners that states that at any time in their life, the puppy/adult must be returned to us if the owner now longer is able to or wishes to keep him/her.  Fortunately, this situation rarely arises. 
Dorothy's brother Luigi, photo below , also had a rocky start actually having two previous homes before he settled but he is now well happy with his new family and best friend Daisy, his favourite pastimes included digging and snail hunting, he loves the great outdoors. Lou appropriately named Khados Boomerang, he came back just like his name!
If you feel you would like to give a home to an older or less fortunate Tibetan Terrier, the TTA operates a Welfare and Rescue Scheme, more details can be found on their web site.
 See links page.

Luigi - Dorothy's brother
with his best friend Daisy from next door

Dorothy's son Arun
Khados Sunshine Superman

Arun lives in Warrington, Cheshire and is a first TT for owners Les and Elaine Burton.  He has been to a few shows and has a Best Puppy In Show award to his credit.  He is a son of Neil from Dorothy's one and only litter and is brother of Inca (Khados Bring Me Sunshine), Zeta (Khados Sunshine Girl for Layoli) and the cheeky chap, Stanley Lambchop, who also lives nearby in Cheshire.

Georgia and Rollie, chocolate TT littermates
owned by Tracey and Dave Sadd and children

Khados Sweet Georgia Brown and Khados Roll Over Beethoven.
The chocolate or brown coat is not acceptable in the show ring as the breed standard calls for black pigmentation and brown dogs have brown noses.  They are very scrummy though, just like chocolate! Note from the photo below that the adult chocolate also has a much lighter brown eye but the coat is a beautiful colour - many people who want a TT as a pet only ask for the chocolate colour but sadly they are few and far between nowadays.

Khados Roll Over Beethoven
Rollie at fifteen years plus

If you have a member of the Khados family you would like to see on this page, please send a photo via email or post it to us at our home address, we love to hear from you

click here to send us a photo of your Khados TT

Nefertari Babies
"Have you heard, they say carrots make you see in the dark"

Khados The Devil's Daughter at Nefertari (Diva) with one of the Nefertari two legged babies. Tibetan Terriers are excellent family dogs and generally enjoy the company of children.

Nefertari Tasmanian Devil (JW)
Best In Show, TTBOC 2004

Taz is the sire of Diva and our FunTime Frankie, pictured with his handler Caroline  who co-owns him with her Mother Rosemary Johnson of the Nefertari Kennels.  Taz has 1CC and 2RCC but is currently taking a break from showing and trying to get to grips with obedience and agility.
Also owned by the Nefertari ladies is the top winning Tibetan Terrier Champion Nefertari Black Ty'N Tails of Willowbrae.  Bart has been used in our breeding programme twice, in 1999 to Cederaire Posh Prudence by Khados and again eight years later to Khados FifiLa Femme.

Ch Nefertari Black Ty'N Tails of Willowbrae
Bart at eleven years

One of Bart and Fifi's sons
Khados Purple Percy, having fun at agility - Come on Jane - keep up!!!

As well as his success at Crufts two years running, Percy is making good times in his agility rounds and is now officially a registered PAT dog - this really does show how versatile and adaptable Tibetan Terriers can be, they are willing to try to learn most things. 

Khados Almost An Angel With Togepi

Annie is Scarlet's twin sister by Johnnie Boy Khados x Champion Khados Long Tall Sally, she is the foundation bitch of the Togepi Kennels and produced championship show winning children of her own

Champion Renvalls Vanity Fayre at Togepi ShCM
Title gained January 2006

Inca is also owned by the Togepi boys, she has three CCs and 7RCC and was the first tibetan terrier to gain the new show certificate of merit. Bred by Aimee and Val Vernall, she is a daughter of Champion Khados Kentucky George and Renvalls Ab Fab. 

Khados Cinderella Man - championship show winner
nine and a half months old

Jimmy is owned by Avril McLean in Kilmarnockshire.  He is a son of Champion Khados Boris The Bold (JW) and Khados Florrie Bundie and was born 09/06/05, he is a championship show first prize winner in both England and Ireland and has a Scottish Open Show Reserve Best Puppy In Show win under his belt or should we say "kilt" too.  Jimmy is genetically clear of PLL and also tested clear of CCL (Hannover)

Khados Live A Lotto

Petal is another of our Boris/Florrie combination and the mother of Lara, Khados Time For Tea - here Petal is very proud of her Kennel Club Gold Good Citizens Certificate.  Owned and trained by Jan Witham from Essex.  Jan is currently training Lara in the hope she will follow in her Mother's well behaved footsteps.

Dog and Owner lookalike
Elise and Harvey O'Connor

Elise and Harvey are undefeated champions of the dog most like owner competition (Elise usually has white streaks painted through her hair). Harvey, whose posh name is Khados Take That, is litter brother of Murphy and Jasmine and resides in luxury in Malvern. In 2008 Harvey was joined by Ted, posh name Khados Simply Red, son of Mylo and Scarlet.  Like his older playmate, Ted excels in fancy dress (see 2008 diary page with Ted and Elise at the TT Fun Day)

Elise with Harvey and Ted
Why is Elise not smiling?

Lyla background - Toby foreground

Lyla (Khados Dear Delilah) is Ted's sister and she lives with Toby (Khados Football Crazy)  who is Ronnie's brother - their servants are Judy Crawley and her family who live in Herts.

Khados Dare I Say , born July 2008
after his first official hair do, Mister Darcy lives with the Cox clan in Portway

Swedish Champion Khados Look At Me
Lisa, at a show in Sweden

Lisa and Casper much loved and owned by Mirielle Pousard, two TTs that we have sent to live overseas

Champion Sucari Sarje by Khados
Casper, enjoying the Swedish air

In Norway
Khados In The Limelight

Ayla loved and owned by Ellen and Elizabeth Lind of the Rogells Kennels

Enjoying his ninth birthday in the USA

Shadow is litter brother to Boris and Doris, he left this Country whilst still a puppy, when his owners, the Borenstien family emigrated to the USA.

Enya's sister Yoli (aka Mrs Titch)
enjoys the Spanish sunshine where she lives in Madrid

Khados Ruby Tuesday
owned by the Bennett family in Birmingham

Although she is kept in full coat, Ruby is not shown, however she competes in obedience and is a KCGC Good Citizen

Khados Stormin'Norman
owned by Harry and the late Gwen Nottingham from Wordsley

This photo is particularly dear to me as it came with the xmas card that was to be the last communication I had from Gwen before her sad and untimely death.  Norman is actually litter brother to the internationally famous Khados Union Jack.  He did try a hand (or should we say paw) at showing but it was all too much for him in his laid back way.  Norman is grinning because his daddy Harry has just come home.  The tibetan terrier grin is another thing that endeared us to the breed.  Toots was a champion "grinner" and her grand daughter Doris is following close in her footsteps especially if she wants something or is showing off when we have visitors.

Best Mates

Tibetan Terriers love company and usually get on well with other animals, this is Toby (Khados Toby Or Not Toby) with his very best friend the cat.  Toby is a son of Champion Khados Boris The Bold x Khados Florrie Bundie and lives with Suzanne and David. In his Christmas card he told us the family have now moved to Bristol and now he gets to have runs on the beaches which he thinks is wonderful.

Khados Whispering Willow
enjoying her first snow fall

Tibetan Terriers are a double coated breed, this gives them protection against extreme weathers but can be troublesome unless great attention is  paid to a regular grooming regime.
Willow is a daughter of Champion Khados Boris The Bold (JW) x Khados Florrie Bundie, she is completely doted upon by Steven King in deepest Norfolk alongside Wicket the Shih Tzu.

Khados Over The Rainbow

Khados Lil' Bill

Many owners prefer to keep their TTs in a shorter trim, this still needs a daily brush though and about four/five trips to the grooming parlour each year.  Ozzy is kept short as he enjoys a daily romp with his pals on Kinver Edge, regardless of the weather.  Ozzy is also a son of Boris and Florrie and lives with Anne and Pete Cresswell near Kidderminster. He has earned his bronze, silver and gold KC Good Citizen awards.
Billy is Ozzy's younger brother and is a very special boy for owners Rosie and Paul Burke in Birmingham.  As a baby Billy was much tinier than his siblings and was dubbed "half pint" but what he lacked in size, he more than made up for in personality.
Myagi surveys the docks at Southampton, cherished by Carol Palmer and her family and best friend Jessica.

Khados Mr Miyagi
mutiple Best Puppy winner

Khados Fragrant Daisy for Karamyst
aged eleven months

Neil's sister Daisy lives with Karen King and her family in Lanarkshire.  This lovely photo was a suprise Christmas present for Karen's Mom.

Also North of the Border, Orla now lives with Fiona and Ricky Connell and their two older TT boys.  The family enjoys a weekend romp on Troon beach - lucky Orla.

Orla, Khados Beautiful Dreamer
Khados Finn McCool x Khados Enya Dreams

There's a lid for every pot
Orla at four months

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